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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. What is it?

1.1. shared process of gathering purposeful and systematic measurement for documentation reflection and improvement

1.2. helps students learn and teachers improve instruction

2. Types of assessment

2.1. formative

2.2. interim/benchmarked

3. Formative Assessment

3.1. process of gathering evidence of student learning

3.2. providing feedback

3.3. adjusting instruction to enhance achievement

4. Examples

4.1. in class assignment

4.2. quizzes and unit tests

4.3. standardized tests

4.4. final exam

5. Summative Assessment

5.1. end of unit and/or end of year assessment

5.2. conduct a review for a summative assessment

6. Question Types

6.1. Multiple Choice

6.2. matching/sequencing

6.3. true/false

6.4. essay format