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Overpopulation by Mind Map: Overpopulation

1. Prevented another famine

2. 1 Child Policy

2.1. Should've never happened

2.1.1. Reduced work force

2.1.2. Gender imbalance

3. Flawed, messy, bad effects but necessary

4. Must acknowledge

5. Less adequate services

6. Further hurts the human race

7. Infrastructure suffers

8. Reduction in biodiversity

9. Overpopulation is still the problem

10. How China's one child policy backfired disastrously

10.1. Sterilizations, abortions, infanticide

11. 2008 earthquake left many parents childless

11.1. Loss of social status

11.2. Loss of financial security

12. Should've never happened

12.1. Reduced work force

12.2. Gender imbalance