Hope and Optimism

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Hope and Optimism by Mind Map: Hope and Optimism

1. When do people most often need hope?

1.1. When grandparents or family member are critically sick, and there isa possibility that they could die many people have to keep hope, and remeber that everything might/will be ok.

1.2. If you are nervous for a test or tryout for a sport a lot of people will try to be optimistic, and remind thereselve that they will achieve there goal for whatever they are nervous for. Wether they want t make the tema or get a good grade.

1.3. Many people struggle through poverty and keeping hope like i have said makes things better, and seem less painful, and struggle-full. Hard times seems less hard.

2. Why is it importnat for people to be optimistic/hopeful?

2.1. If they are opimistic/hopeful iusually tough times get a little a easier to handle with.

2.2. Being an optimistic person will often make a person more positive and fun to be around. We all know that negative people are never fun to be with, and if your are positive you are more of an approachable person.

2.3. If you are not hopeful, a lot of thing will be harder than they should, and a lot worse then they actually are.

3. How do people maintain/find hope?

3.1. When someone is going through something tough and they think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, remebering that everything will be ok helps them find hope.

3.2. Maintaining hope can be hard, but if you just keep telling yourself that it will be ok, and everything will be fine people can keep their hope. When they maintain there hope at the time late in their life hope is often easier to find, because of previous expieriences.

3.3. People can find hope for simple things as well. Someone could be hopeful that will win their soccer game or pass the upcoming test.

4. How has being hopeful and optimistic affected peoples lives?

4.1. For example, in the movie/book "Unbroken" written by, is based on a true story about a man who was kidnapped during World War 2 and was taken to a Japanese labor camp. There he faced terrible fates. He kept hope, and many including himself were saved once the USA won the war.

4.2. IN the book ¨Hope is a Ferris Wheel"Star live in a trailer park, and many kid make fun of her, which annoys her. SHe tried to make kids like her nd not be rude/bully her anymore. Eventually she made friends, and she realized everything is ok. SHe kept her hope thinking that the kids would come to the snese that living in a trailer park is not that bad, eventually they did because of the hope she kept.

4.3. In the book Circus Mirandus written by, Micah kept hope when is grandpa was sick that the Lightbender would give him his miracle and save him. At the end he was able to realize that it was time for his grandpa to pass, and heeventuially did get his miracle.

5. What is hope?

5.1. Hope is not giving up even when things get hard. Hope is when you stay positive and keep your faith.

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5.3. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. When somebody is going through a tough time they will dream and believe that things will get better.

6. How does helping people give others hope?

6.1. For example, if you donat food or clothes to a homeless person, you're giving that homeless person hope that everything will be ok because of your help.

6.2. During wars, or natural disasters having organizations like the red cross donate food and clothing to people who have been attacked or in a bad situation can help them feel more safe and protected. Changing theses peoples mind sets even just a little can make them more hopeful that better things are to come.

6.3. If you donate money to a Cancer Association, that money will help a patient get the treatments they need. The patient receiving the treatments might get hope because their chances of living are higher.

7. How are hope and optimism similar?

7.1. Hope an d optimism are both positive and help people get through tough times.

7.2. Hope an optimism are both good tings to have. For example being mad or sad are not good things to have, and feel like, but hope and optimism are things everyone should have and use.

7.3. Optimism and hope are both emotional feelings that allow people to look on the bright side. Also, they are both very helpful to people who are going through tough times.

8. How are hope and optimism different?

8.1. Optimism is more of an attitude, while hope is more like something you posses. Optimism is like being positive, while hope is something you have or are getting.

8.2. Optimism is being happy and looking on the bright side while hope is believing that everything will get better.

8.3. Optimism tries rodent what is happening. Hope is accepting the situation and finding the ray of light amongst a world of darkness.

9. How has being hopeful, made people more successful in life?

9.1. It has been scientifically proven that students with hope go farther in life compared to other students who might be smarter but don't have hope.

9.2. If you are in a family with limited amounts of money causing you to not be able to pay for college, you are going to ned some hope. If you keep hope throughout you scholl years before college you may be able to get a scholorship which will lead you to getting an job, and being successful. You will be much more succesful than the people who lost hope in their dreams because you remained hope even though you had barriers holding you back.

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10. How has blocking out/refusing hope affected peoples lives?

10.1. If you go away from hope, things may not get better, or could potentially get worse. If you lose all hope than what is left, but a bad situation? Keeping your hope is important to make sure things get better.

10.2. Blocking out hope as greatly affected people's lives in many ways. Usually these ways are bad and they can make a persons situation worse. For example, if someone has a family that is really poor, not keeping hope will make that persons life even worse than before.

10.3. When people refuse hope they often become depressed because they have nothing to hold one to. When people have hope they are pushing through tough times to get a better life or situation but if someone doesn't have hope, they have no reason to keep going.