Breaking Barriers

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Breaking Barriers by Mind Map: Breaking Barriers

1. Black athletes had to break many barriers.

1.1. On April 13, 1997, Tiger Woods became the first African American to win the Masters.

1.2. Mae Jemison is the first African-American female astronaut. In 1992 she flew into space aboard the Endeavor.

1.3. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major-league baseball. In 1947 he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers and later led them to a win in the World Series in 1955.

2. Ender Wiggin breaking age barriers to help the human race.

2.1. Ender beat older boys in Battle School in a video game simulator meant for training the hand eye coordination

2.2. Ender Wiggin broke another barrier by graduating Battle School two years early and being a commander and attending Command School

2.3. Ender saved hius planet from the buggers by destroying the queen Bugger and their planet

3. Women broke sex barriers when they proved themselves equal to men.

3.1. Becky Hammon gained fame as a WNBA all-star on the San Antonio Stars, but her basketball career didn't end once she stepped off the court. In August 2014, she was hired as the NBA's first full-time paid assistant coach.

3.2. Yuri Kochiyama was a Japanese American human rights activist. She is notable as one of the few prominent non-black Black separatists. Influenced by Marxism, Maoism, and the thoughts of Malcolm X, she was an advocate for many revolutionary movements.

3.3. Susan B Anthony  was a women who broke down the barrier of woman's voting rights. She is the main reason that women are able to vote today. She was huge barrier breaker for women.

4. Scientists have broken many challenging scientific barriers.

4.1. Jonas Salk  found the vaccine for polio beating anyone else trying and eliminating the fear f polio in first world countries.

4.2. Isaac Newton who made the laws of physics had to overcome  epilepsy to do what he did for the scientific field.

4.3. Stephen Hawking a disabled scientist broke scientific barriers by making a theory about black holes. Stephen Hawking even had to fight ALS

5. Inventrs that broke barriers.

5.1. Thomas Edison was a very successful inventor despite being deaf and very socially awkward.

5.2. Donald Beyette was born in 1949 with Holt Oram syndrome, a disease which manifests abnormalities of the upper limbs and heart. Then in 2001, he was crushed in an accident in his muffler shop. As he recovered, he invented the Grab-a-Cane, a grabber and a cane in one. The grabber makes picking up small or out-of-reach items easier, and it's always handy because it's combined with a cane.

5.3. hen teenager Ralf Hotchkiss was thrown from his motorcycle, he became permanently disabled. Nineteen years later, this engineer created the Torbellino wheelchair, a state-of-the-art wheelchair with features that make it easier to get into and out of.

6. Poor people break barriers.

6.1. Gabby Douglas started out being poor but never gave up on her dream and kept trying.

6.2. The people who were in the NWA grew up in a bad place and ended out being some of the best rappers ever

6.3. Lebron James grew up poor but kept striving for greatness and now because of his skills and perseverance he is one of the richest people alive.

7. Anybody can break barriers even you can.

7.1. You can get strait A's for the first time in your life

7.2. You can hit your first home run in baseball

7.3. Score your first touchdown ever for yourself

8. In WW2 Jewish people had to break barriers for their religion to survive Hitler's regime.

8.1. Anne Frank and her family and friends hid in an annex for almost 3 years. They managed to stay hidden for a long time. They were not allowed to move or cough or sneeze until 6pm

8.2. People would set up safe houses to secretly hide Jews from Hitler

8.3. Jews while they would be on the run board trains to get away from the regime and to safety in other countries.

9. People with down syndrome broke major barriers of social expectations.

9.1. Madeline Stuart became the first professional model with Down syndrome last year.

9.2. Tim Harris became was the first restaurant owner with down syndrome.

9.3. Noah Van Vooren started his high school football career as a water boy. One day his coach geared him up and let him play a game. He scored a touchdown for his team. Pretty impressive for someone who was told he would never walk.

10. Great minds often had to break barriers to show that they were special.

10.1. Albert Einstein When Einstein was young his parents thought he was mentally retarded. His grades in school were so poor that a teacher asked him to quit. Also he didn’t speak until he turned 4 and didn’t read until he was 7.

10.2. Ludwig van Beethoven Before the start of his career, Beethoven’s music teacher once said of him “as a composer, he is hopeless.” And during his career, he lost his hearing and yet, he managed to produce great music – a deaf man composing music!

10.3. Michael Jordan Before joining the NBA, Jordan was just an ordinary person, so ordinary that he was cut from his high school basketball team because of his “lack of skill”

11. You tubers who broke barriers.

11.1. TommyNC2014 was an autistic you tuber who was bullied and called a nerd by other famous people. He responded with positive videos and talked about how autistic people should be proud of themselves.

11.2. Boogie2988 is a you tuber who was abused as he grew up and has many weight problems. In his videos he discusses how to cope with mental disabilities and body positivity.

11.3. Faze Banks is a famous you tuber who was addicted to a prescription drug called adderall. Today he talks about the importance of staying off drugs,