Fun with Shapes

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Fun with Shapes by Mind Map: Fun with Shapes

1. Sphere

1.1. Does not have any edges

1.2. Examples: Baseball, basketball, Soccer ball

2. Cube

2.1. Has 6 sides and one side looks like a square

2.2. Examples: Dice, Tissue box

3. Cylinder

3.1. This shape is long and tube-like

3.2. It is round

4. Cone

4.1. Has a point at the top

4.2. It is round in the middle

4.3. It is flat at the bottom

5. Oval

5.1. This shape is wider than a circle

5.2. There are no sides in this shape

6. Heart

6.1. Has one point and its at the bottom

7. Star

7.1. This shape has 5 points