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Jettys by Mind Map: Jettys

1. sailboats

1.1. enterprise

1.2. optimist

1.3. laser

1.4. J24

2. River, ocean, bays

2.1. pollutued

2.2. still water

2.3. choppy water

3. seasonal requirements

3.1. usually put into the water after the monsoons.

4. Oar boats

4.1. Rowing shells

4.2. Kayaks

4.3. canoes

5. Marinas

5.1. A network of jettys thats are usually used for pleasure boats and sailboats

6. floats

7. Non-motorable

8. An extension of the boat house where boats are kept temporarily.

9. Boat races

10. A place to relax

11. MIT boat club Jetty

11.1. used in all seasons except for monsoon

11.2. wooden deck. supported by watertight drums

11.3. Catches a lot of garbage in the river - doesn't have a streamlined underside

11.4. extremely polluted river. Plastic Trash as well as chemical pollution.

11.5. lowered and pulled out of the water by a crane.

12. All sailboats require a higher jetty than rowing boats