Weight problems

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Weight problems by Mind Map: Weight problems

1. Obesity

1.1. Fat

1.1.1. useful as a store of energy

1.1.2. required to cushion organs

1.2. BUT If you take in more energy than you use the excess is stored as fat

1.2.1. overtime this habit can cause you to be overweight or obese

1.3. Issues

1.3.1. uncomfortable

1.3.2. inconvenient probably cant exercise or move around freely

1.3.3. serious health problems heart disease high bood pressure type 2 diabetes (high blood sugar levels)

1.3.4. could die younger

2. Malnourishment

2.1. dont have balanced diet

2.2. maybe too little food

2.3. or too much food

2.4. or wrong balance

3. Increasing problem

3.1. The WHO figures show over a billion adults are overweight or obese Worldwide

4. Losing weight

4.1. Why?

4.1.1. look and feel better

4.1.2. do more

4.1.3. live longer and more healthy

4.2. How?

4.2.1. need to lose mass

4.2.2. ie take in less energy than use

4.3. Ways?

4.3.1. less food esp energy rich ones eg high fat

4.3.2. use more energy eg do more activity

4.3.3. do both

4.3.4. take care when start vigorous exercise as can cause other health issues

4.4. Aids

4.4.1. slimming programs and groups

4.4.2. slimming products - approved ones and use in correct way

4.4.3. fitness instructors

4.4.4. measure body fat %

5. Lack of food

5.1. wars

5.1.1. no access to food

5.1.2. communications eg roads destroyed

5.1.3. countries poor

5.2. pests

5.2.1. crops destroyed

5.3. climate eg droughts

5.3.1. crops dont grow

5.3.2. issue when countries rely on agricultural indutries

5.4. deficency diseases are more likely

5.4.1. lack of vitamins, minerals and ions

5.4.2. but sometimes these diseases can occur when you do have a balanced diet