Inheritance, exercise and health

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Inheritance, exercise and health by Mind Map: Inheritance, exercise and health

1. Cholesterol

1.1. body needs it for cell membrane and to make vital hormones

1.2. 2 forms of Cholesterol carried around body by blood - 1 healthy and 1 unhealthy

1.3. if the balance is wrong risk of heart disease increases

1.4. scientists disagree on correct level of healthy form - is between 4-6 mmol/l

1.5. basic levels are inherted

1.6. eating high fat food increases unhealthy cholesterol level

2. Exercise and health

2.1. more exercise = generally healthier

2.2. usually live longer

2.3. less likely to be overweight if exercise regularly

2.4. more muscle tissue which increases metabolic rate

2.5. so generally fewer health issues eg arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressue

2.6. exercise affects levels of cholesterol - eg usually lower cholesterol levels and better balance between good and bad cholesterol as good type increases while bad type decreases when you exercise . so less risk of heart disease

3. Inherited factors

3.1. affect appearance eg eye/hair colour

3.2. ALSO BIG affect on health

3.3. eg metabolic rate - therefore how easily you gain/lose weight

3.4. and levels of cholesterol because the way the liver deals with fat in body and make cholesterol is inherited

3.4.1. 1 in 500 people inherit factors that mean whatever they eat and how much they exercise they will have very high level of harmful cholesterol and a high risk of heart disease

3.5. and proportion of muscle to fat