concept map on ecological concepts

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Ecology by Mind Map: Ecology

1. ecosystem

1.1. Abiotic components

1.1.1. Climatic components Sunlight Rainfall Humidity Salinity Turbidity Pressure Wind

1.1.2. Edaphic components (Soil factors) Soil Structure Soil Texture Soil pH Soil Nutrients Soil Topography

1.1.3. Chemical componennts Calcium Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon dioxide Potassium etc.

1.2. Biotic Components

1.2.1. Animals Fishes Amphibians Aves Reptiles Mammals

1.2.2. Plants Multicellular Algae Spirogyra Tracheophytes etc. Unicellular Chlamydomonas

2. population

2.1. population density

2.2. population frequency

2.3. population size

2.4. quadrat

3. Layers of the Earth

3.1. Biosphere

3.1.1. parts occupy by livingthings

3.2. Atmosphere

3.2.1. Gaseous layer of the Earth

3.3. Lithosphere

3.3.1. Solid layer of the Earth

3.4. Hydrosphere

3.4.1. Liquid layer of the Earth

4. Habitat

5. Ecological niche

6. Biome