Foundation of Education

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Foundation of Education by Mind Map: Foundation of Education

1. Equality for Opportunity

1.1. Educational achievement and attainment: Special Need Individuals

1.1.1. Opportunities

1.1.2. Education of All Handicapped Children Law

1.1.3. Achievement Gap between the disabled and non disabled.

1.2. Responce to Coleman Study

1.2.1. Difference among schools make a difference

1.2.2. Private schools have more effective learning than public schools. Student outcomes

2. School Reform

2.1. School-based reform: School Business Partnership

2.1.1. Charter Schools

2.1.2. Voucher Will address the fundamental problem facing U.S education

2.2. Societal, economic, community, or political reform

2.2.1. Rodriquez vs. San Antonio

2.2.2. Neo-liberal approach School accountability is a prominent issue in education

3. Educational Inequality

3.1. Sociological explanation of unequal achievement

3.1.1. Functionalist: unequal educational outcomes are the result of unequal educational opportunities

3.1.2. Conflict theorist: role of schooling is to reproduce rather than eliminate inequality. Interactionism theory

3.2. School centered explanation

3.2.1. School financing

3.2.2. Curriculum Pedagogy