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NSX Dev Map by Mind Map: NSX Dev Map

1. Sprints

1.1. Sprint 1

1.1.1. Create New Site

1.1.2. Add Team Member Form Employee ID Name Branch Phone Number Email Picture URL

1.1.3. New Account Setup Form Employee ID Customer Sold To # Services # of Users Main Contact Name Contact Email Contact # Job Function Additional Users Setup Status

1.1.4. Create Database (Back End)

1.1.5. Create Database (Front End) Team Leader Sheet v1 (BETA)

1.1.6. Create Site Pages Homepage Teams Leaderboard

1.1.7. Create

1.2. Sprint 2

2. Potential Enhancements

2.1. Fun/Culture

2.1.1. User Avatars Generic (Blue) Generic (Red) Margin Ninja User Selfie

2.1.2. Badges/Accolades

2.2. Operational/Effeciency

2.2.1. Automated weekly report of open accounts

2.2.2. Notification of Account setup completion

2.2.3. Notification of new account needed to be setup

2.2.4. Weekly activity report

2.3. Sales Growth/Value

2.3.1. Customer user guides to send out after each new account setup

2.3.2. Sales Training Embed video within member registration form Example