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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Ideas for Using Assessment in Your Classroom

1.1. Exit tickets

1.2. Questions during class discussion

1.3. Thumbs up/thumbs down

1.4. Quiz/quiz/trade

1.5. Pre/Post Test

1.6. Red/Yellow/Green Got It lights

1.7. Feedback

2. Formative Assessment

2.1. Gathering information about student learning

2.2. Provides feedback to both you and students

2.3. Helps you know where to adjust your instruction

2.4. Allows the student to change their behavior/performance

3. Why is assessment important?

3.1. Guides your teaching

3.2. Shows where your students are at

3.3. Gives you feedback as the teacher about what is working and what is not.

3.4. Helps you become a better teacher and your students become better learners

4. What is assessment?

4.1. A shared process

4.2. Looks at student progress and teacher instructional practices

4.3. Purposeful and systematic

5. What To Do With Data from Assessment

5.1. Extend learning

5.2. Reteach

5.3. Form appropriate small groups

5.4. Explain the content in a different way

5.5. Target instruction to specfic needs

6. Summative Assessment

6.1. Testing the student knowledge at the end of a large bundle of instruction/content.

6.2. Requires preparing the students for taking a test.

6.3. Necessary for grading and promotional purposes.