August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains

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August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains by Mind Map: August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains

1. Paranoia- mental disorder systematized delusions or projection of personal conflicts

2. Silhouette- image of a person, animal, object,or scene represented as a solid shape.

3. regiment: Military a unit of ground forces, consisting of two o more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units

4. sublime: elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc

5. psychopathic: of relating to, or affected with psychopathy

6. incinerator: a furnace or apparatus for burning trash, garbage etc. to ashes

7. capillary: pertaining to or occurring in or as if in a tube of fine bore

8. oblivious: forgetful; without remembrance or memory

9. summary: the poem was good and it has to do with the state of the future

10. the opening line: "in the living room the voice- clock sang, tick tock, seven o'clock, time to get up, time to get up, seven o'clock! as if it were afraid that nobody would- it has to do with the machines still going on even with the humans there

11. what unusual qualities and appliances does the house have? everything is alive

12. what were the five spots of paint of? the five spots of paint- the man, the woman, the children, the ball- remained. the rest was a thin layer

13. what happened to the people? they all died

14. what are some things the house has been protecting itself from? the outside world

15. why is the dog very thin and covered in sores? the radiation

16. what happens to the dog's remains? the mice clean it up

17. what can you infer the family usually does at 2:35? spent time together playing cards

18. what did the children usually do at 4:30? go to the nursery

19. what is the name of the family that lived in the house? McClellan

20. what are some things the house does to try to save itself? doors sprang tightly shut, but the windows were broken by the heat and the wind blew and sucked upon the fire

21. what was the last voice to die saying? "today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, today is..."

22. what warning is Bradbury trying to deliver in his story? we have machines do everything for us and now we only knew that a family lived there because of what the machines did