Online Teaching Process

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Online Teaching Process by Mind Map: Online Teaching Process

1. 5. Connect with the student and begin the lesson

1.1. 5.1 Warm up for 3-5 minutes, leading to the topic of the day and describe objectives

1.2. 5.2 Lead the student through exercises as planned

1.3. 5.3 Take notes during the class

1.4. 5.4 Wrap up

1.4.1. Assign homework if any

1.4.2. Send CN Non-corporate: The teacher converts Word into PDF format and sends it to Ss directly Corporate: Send CN (Word format) to [email protected] SIY sends CN to corporate clients

2. 4. Open the Class Note (CN) template and put it next to the lesson document, covering the other half of your desktop

3. 3. Open the lesson document and put it on the left, covering half of your desktop

4. 2. Log on Skype 5-10 minutes before a class

5. 1. Add the student's Skype ID and QQ ID provided by SIY assistant