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1. Home (For Educators)

1.1. Field Trips

1.1.1. Smithsonian Orientation Videos

1.1.2. The Value of Field Trips

1.1.3. Planning a Smithsonian Field Trip Tour Group Information Visitor Information Purchase Official Visitor's Guide Visit

1.1.4. Field Trip Worksheets

1.2. Professional Development

1.2.1. Programs and Opprotunities

1.2.2. New Learning Institute Workshops

1.2.3. Writing Workshop

1.2.4. Smithsonian Teachers' Night

1.3. Lesson Plans

1.3.1. Art & Design

1.3.2. Science & Technology

1.3.3. History & Culture

1.3.4. Language Arts

1.3.5. IdeaLabs

1.4. Resource Library

1.4.1. Search All Resources Subject List

1.4.2. Search Smithsonian Collections

1.4.3. Heritage Teaching Resources Black History Women's History Asian Pacific Americans Hispanic Heritage American Indian Heritage Heritage Videos (YouTube)

1.4.4. Sites For Your Students Smithsonian Education Students' Site IdeaLabs Secrets of the Smithsonian Suggested Reading Explore by Topic

1.4.5. Suggested Reading

1.5. Online Events