Checkout flows

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Checkout flows by Mind Map: Checkout flows

1. Is this a service already?

2. Current Punch in: MP items only

2.1. Add items from MP to Basket

2.1.1. To checkout: Basket will request that MP creates OCI lines from x Requisition Marketplace communicates with RPS

3. Generic punch-in spawning

3.1. Add items from extension app to Basket

3.1.1. Create PR (confirmation page) - Items, total amount, nothing else Hit confirm Call off to RPS (OCI?) spawning service Help with vendor ID Need to build an interface to do this directly in the PR (dynamic layout to display it - maybe an "RPS information" panel?) Assistance Flow Missing commodity code on line (but can't add this in PRV2, only coding) - could be ok for WR

3.1.2. PR needs to know: We're in a punch-in scenario (branch or line level) - so we can do adequate validation How to generate OCI lines..? As part of a normal spawning flow which checks if we're in a punch-in scenario instead of a direct order spawning scenario

3.1.3. PR needs to validate: That there is a vendor ID (mapped to the supplier selected) Any other required fields based on RPS configuration. This probably needs to be quite flexible - document validation service...?

4. Direct order

4.1. Add items from extension app to Basket

4.1.1. Create PR (confirmation page) Hit confirm Spawn orders

4.1.2. Need to validate differently?

4.1.3. Payment method?

5. Requisition flow as it is today (with approvals and assistance etc.)