Asian Carp

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Asian Carp by Mind Map: Asian Carp

1. Effect on the Ecosystem

1.1. Food depletion

1.1.1. Why Asian carp eat up to 40% of their body weight every single day. And each Asian carp can way up to 100 Pounds Size of Asian carp Quanity of Asian carp

2. Government Involvement

2.1. Money

2.2. Complications

2.3. what they are doing about it

2.4. What they have planned in the future

2.4.1. plans

2.4.2. ideas

2.4.3. course of action

3. What is being done

3.1. Electric Fences

3.2. Deadly chemicals

3.3. Fences

3.4. Fishermen

4. How they got here

4.1. Originall from Asia

4.2. Imported by fish farmers in 70's

4.2.1. Why Eat algae clean up ponds

4.3. Were put in ponds

5. What Happened

5.1. Flood

5.2. Entering into Mississippi river

6. Anatomy of Asian carp

6.1. what it looks like

6.1.1. pros

6.1.2. cons

6.2. Comparison to other fish of the great lakes