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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. What is Assessment?

1.1. The shared process of gathering purposeful and systematic measurement for documentation, reflection, and improvement of both student learning and institutional practices.

1.2. It analyzes and uses data to make decisions about improvements in teaching strategies and student learning.

2. Importance of Assessment

2.1. Improves student learning

2.2. Guides teacher instruction

2.3. Helps administrators appropriate resources

2.4. Provides a way for policymakers to evaluate education programs

3. Other Types of Assessment

3.1. Interim/Benchmarked

3.1.1. Periodic testing throughout the year

3.1.2. Low-level/ little or no student feedback

3.1.3. Used for adjusting instruction, report cards, and district reports

3.2. Diagnostic

3.3. Performance

3.3.1. Individual or group projects

3.3.2. Portfolios

3.3.3. Student logs

3.3.4. Journals

4. Question Types

4.1. Multiple choice

4.2. Matching, sequencing

4.3. True-false, yes-no

4.4. Factual short answer, fill-ins

4.5. Higher-order shot answer

4.6. Short or long essay

5. Delivery Types

5.1. Paper and pencil

5.2. Online

5.3. Computer adaptive testing

6. Scoring Types

6.1. Human

6.2. Distributed

6.3. Automated

6.4. Rubric

6.5. Checklists

7. Formative

7.1. Occur often and during the course of instruction

7.2. Used to adjust instruction and provide feedback to students

7.3. Types of formative assessment

7.3.1. Informal

7.3.2. Formal

8. Summative

8.1. Occur at the end of a unit and/or end of the year

8.2. Used for report cards and district/state reports