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Thriller by Mind Map: Thriller

1. Tales of the Unusual

1.1. Death

1.1.1. The show is about killing friends

1.2. Dark and Evil

1.3. Begins with an Urban Legend

1.3.1. "When you fall asleep with the picture of someone you hate under the pillow, you will have a dream of the picture in a frame. If you walk through the fog, you will find a house that you can hang the picture. When you wake up and rip the picture, the person will die."

1.4. Curiosity

1.4.1. The main character probably attempts to try the urban legend

2. Bastard

2.1. Dark

2.2. Bullied High School Kid

2.3. Alerts that girls are missing

2.4. Disowned by his father


3.1. Oxygen levels rise

3.1.1. Bugs are mutated Giant Wasp Attacks

3.2. Business Man

3.2.1. Wakes up with eggs on him