Studies of Psychokinesis

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Studies of Psychokinesis by Mind Map: Studies of Psychokinesis

1. Definition

1.1. Jean Moisset (2000)

1.1.1. An action of the mind on animate matter, as well as physical energy, able to provoke the deformation or displacement of an object

2. Rhine (1930s)

2.1. As a dice was thrown, Ps had to state the numbers that would come face-up when the dice landed - results were 'encouraging'

2.2. Rhine's work split the study of psychokinesis into two

2.2.1. Micro PK Weaker effects which are not always noticeable to the naked eye and often require statistical analysis

2.2.2. Makro PK Focuses clearly on observable effects e.g. levitation

3. Schmidt's Electric coin flipper (1960s)

3.1. The coin flipper is entirely random as it cannot be affected by extraneous variables which could effect it if were done by hand - this is a system that makes fraud almost impossible

3.2. Schmidt asked Ps to influence the falling of the coin - results were significant

3.3. This research provided a basis for other random-event generators which can be used

4. Uri Geller

4.1. Makro Pk

4.1.1. He uses ESP to bend spoons, metal bars and metallic objects and stop the movement of a clock

4.2. Geller's notorious appearance on Jimmy carson's tonight show

4.2.1. On the recommendation of James Randi, the programme presented Uri with multiple tasks which were 'fraud proof' and he had no previous contact with them - he could not complete the tasks stating that he 'did not feel strong' and 'needed more time' - Randi saw this as definitive proof that he is a fraud as if he had true abilities then he should be able to perform them regardless of context or situation