Final Initial idea- Yalin, Benimki

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Final Initial idea- Yalin, Benimki by Mind Map: Final Initial idea- Yalin, Benimki

1. Time schedule

1.1. I have created a group on social network in order to arrange a time best suitable for all participants. This process will enable and all participants to communicate with each other through one app, 'whatsapp'. So, far i know that the best time for one of the main characters is Monday and Wednesday, although he is a student too, he doesn't go to college those days. For the female main character as she is a student it depends on her free time and student time table.

2. Location

2.1. the location will be held at a restaurant that i have arranged times and dates with. all have been approved. I will also use the college campus for some parts of the footage.

2.1.1. Midterm

3. Theories that apply

3.1. Not all theories will apply to the idea i have considered, however, i believe there are theorists that touch and relate to the music video i will be creating.

3.1.1. Representation Laura Mulvey Richard Dyer Tessa Perkins

3.1.2. Audience Blumler & Katz Stuart Hall The hypodermic theory

3.1.3. Narrative Bordwell and Thompson Todorov Pam Cook Tim O'sullivan Sven Carlson Barthes

3.1.4. Genre Danielle Chandler Barry Keirth Grant Jason Mittell Rick Altman David Bordwell David Buckingham

3.1.5. Language Charles Sanders Peirce Ferinand de Saussure Roland Barthes Barthes John Fiske Roman Jakobson & Clause Levi-strauss Adrian Tilley

4. Characters

4.1. After a lot of search for people to fulfil roles i arranged two people, also the extras that i requires.

4.1.1. New vocabulary

5. Idea

5.1. Narrative

5.1.1. The narrative that I have considered will sound simple. It is a romantic genre that evolves over a short period of time. The narrative begins at a restaurant the female character works at. he enters as a customer until an accident which creates the cause of how the two begin to talk. The talking continues into a real relationship through a special proposal.