1.5 ICT Data Systems

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1.5 ICT Data Systems by Mind Map: 1.5 ICT Data Systems

1. Traditional data sources: Paper documents

1.1. Questionaires

1.2. Invoices

1.3. Data capture forms

1.4. Price tags

1.5. Meter readings

1.6. OMR forms

2. Input device: Any equipment that feeds data into a computer

2.1. Keyboard

2.1.1. Quickly enters data

2.1.2. If there is a lot of data that need to be entered, it can take a long time

2.1.3. Easy to use

2.2. Mouse

2.2.1. Easy to use

2.3. Scanner

2.3.1. Quick proccess

2.3.2. Easy to use

2.3.3. Can preserve images in good condition

2.3.4. The images must be clea

2.3.5. May have to train people on how to use

2.4. Digital camera

2.4.1. Easy to use

2.4.2. Captures an image very quickly

2.4.3. Easy to recognise what is in the image

2.4.4. Do not have to pay for film and developing

2.4.5. Can cost a lot to buy Ha

2.4.6. Have to keep buying batteries or recharging it

2.5. Web cam

2.6. Data forms

2.6.1. Easy to use

2.6.2. Can find data easily later on

2.6.3. Cannot be found on a lot of softwares

2.6.4. May take a long time to enter all the data

2.7. Voice recognition

2.7.1. Can be found on a lot of technology nowadays

2.7.2. Easy to use

2.7.3. Good for those that find it difficult to type

2.7.4. Broad range of words available

2.7.5. Might say things wrong and take more time

2.7.6. Have to have internet connection

3. Output device: Equipment that can show the data stored in a computer

3.1. Printers

3.1.1. Inkjet Cheaper Can print on a variety of different paper types Slower Prints a smaller volume of documents

3.1.2. Laser Faster Low running costs High-quality copies More expensive to buy

3.1.3. Can print a hard copy of data

3.1.4. Data is more secure once printed

3.1.5. Have to constantly buy ink and paper

3.1.6. Still quite expensive

3.2. Monitors

3.2.1. Usually very good quality

3.2.2. Can get different sizes

3.2.3. Can even get flat screen

3.2.4. Limited viewing angle

3.2.5. Expensive

3.2.6. Gets really hot after using it for a while

3.2.7. More difficult for large numbers of people to view

3.3. Projectors

3.3.1. Large number of people can view one thing at once

3.3.2. Can be used on a lot of devices

3.3.3. Projection quality is really good

3.3.4. Can project in colour

3.3.5. Large and heavy

3.3.6. Expensive

3.3.7. Not as good quality as a monitor

4. Storage device: A piece of equipment capable of storing electronic data

4.1. Hard disks

4.1.1. Quite cheap nowadays

4.1.2. Does not have to be connected to the intenet

4.1.3. In your possession, therefore is quite safe

4.1.4. Stores a lot of data

4.1.5. Quite big and bulky to carry

4.1.6. Can damage easily

4.1.7. Adds more chords onto your desk space

4.2. CDs / DVDs

4.2.1. Videos and audio are saved in good quality

4.2.2. Doesn't store too much data

4.2.3. can get scratched and damaged easily

4.3. High capacity storage

4.3.1. Can get a range of sizes Memory stick Microchips - easy to hide

4.3.2. Stores a lot of data so you don't have too carry many sticks / cards

4.3.3. Can transfer data quickly

4.3.4. Do not need the internet

4.3.5. Quite cheap nowadays

4.3.6. Easy to lose or get stolen

4.3.7. Too many people are heavily dependent on them