WZ1 - Learning Mathematics

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WZ1 - Learning Mathematics by Mind Map: WZ1 - Learning Mathematics

1. Key Concepts (Topic)

1.1. Area: Space in a plane figure (2D), bounded by boundary

1.2. Relationship betwen area and dimensions,

1.2.1. bigger dimensions give bigger area?

1.2.2. Product of dimension(length and breadth) gives area

1.2.3. Units squares, count number of squares

1.2.4. Units of measurement, units squares, cm^2, m^2

1.3. Composite figures

1.3.1. Difficulties Boundaries are not clear, dimensions not clearly shown. Need spatial visualisation Many possible ways to find the area, partition the figures into smaller shapes, removal of a smaller shape from the bigger shape Prior knowledge on properties of rectangles and squares needed

1.3.2. Want students to be able to determine the easiest, most efficient method to find the area

2. 21st CC Skills

2.1. Critical and Inventive Thinking

2.1.1. Sound Reasoning

2.1.2. Creativity, generating different possibilities to find the area

2.1.3. Metacognition

2.2. CCI

2.2.1. Communication of ideas, clearly, coherently

3. Content Outcomes

3.1. Finding one dimension of a rectangle given the other dimension and its area

3.2. Finding the length of one side of a square given its area

3.3. Finding the area of figures made up of rectangles and squares

4. Processes

4.1. Reasoning, communication & connections

4.1.1. connections across topics, factors and multiples, multiplication and division

4.2. Thinking skills & heuristics

4.3. Applications & modelling

5. Skills

5.1. Numerical calculation

5.2. Spatial visualisation

5.3. Measurement

5.4. Use of mathematical tools

6. Metacognition

6.1. Monitoring of one's own thinking

6.2. Self-regulation of learning

7. General Concepts

7.1. Numerical

7.1.1. multiplication of the numbers

7.2. Geometric

7.3. Analytical

7.3.1. Analyse the information given to find the area

8. Technological Tools

8.1. Educreations

8.2. Social Leearning Wall: communicate ideas

8.3. Popplet

8.4. Nearpod

8.5. Kahoot: Formative Assessment

8.6. Online geoboard: Explore relationship Eg Geogebra, GSP

8.7. Discussion board

8.8. Doceri