Language (Pat O'Donnell , MJ Manimbo)

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Language (Pat O'Donnell , MJ Manimbo) by Mind Map: Language (Pat O'Donnell , MJ Manimbo)

1. Definitions

1.1. Method of human communication, either spoken or written

1.2. The phraseology and vocabulary of a particular group

1.3. The manner or style of a piece of writing or speech

1.4. A way in which knowledge is communicated between two or more people

1.5. The system of communication used by a particular community or group of people

1.6. A way in which human beings can express knowledge

2. Factual Information

2.1. There are between 6000 & 7000 Languages in the world currently.

2.2. These languages are spoken by seven billion people worldwide.

2.3. Half of the world's population is bilingual or multilingual

2.4. Most of the world’s languages are spoken in Asia and Africa.

2.5. Many languages have 50.000 words or more, but individual speakers normally know and use only a fraction of the total vocabulary

3. Real Life Applications

3.1. Math Language

3.1.1. It can be understood by people across the world, no matter the spoken language

3.1.2. Formulas are used to further the math language

3.1.3. Numerous symbols are used to signify values. One has to understand the language in order to understand these formulas.

3.2. Music Language

3.2.1. Possible to use as an expression of one's emotions

3.2.2. Notes, Rhythms, Beats, etc. are all used as a language.

3.2.3. To understand how to read music, you have to learn the language

3.3. Written Language

3.3.1. Most common form of language

3.3.2. Since humans could utilize language, writing was used to communicate

3.3.3. Representation of verbal language

3.4. Basic Communication

3.4.1. Being able to communicate with other beings, without a high level of intelligence Utilization of a simple language

3.5. Body Language

3.5.1. Overall attitude that is visible to other human beings

3.5.2. Overall appearance

3.6. Historical Language

3.6.1. Using previous experiences as a way to communicate

3.6.2. Events throughout history are perceived differently Can effect the use of language by specific groups of people

3.7. Art as a Language

3.7.1. Certain works of art can be used to communicate

3.7.2. Communication through images

3.7.3. Knowledge of the correct language to create a work of art