Tech Talk 2016

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Tech Talk 2016 by Mind Map: Tech Talk 2016

1. Other Things I Look At ...

1.1. Government

1.1.1. DARPA

1.1.2. NASA Tech Cross-Cutting In Your Life Balloon-cam Xbox dataviz "Major Technology Revolution" "It might read as the latest in a series of science fiction articles, but NASA's Stan Starr, branch chief of the Applied Physics Laboratory at Kennedy, points out that nothing in the design calls for brand-new technology to be developed. However, the system counts on a number of existing technologies to be pushed forward."

1.1.3. Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (California)

1.2. Journals/Blogs

1.2.1. ExtremeTech

1.2.2. Fast Company

1.2.3. MedGadget

1.2.4. Medical Futurist

1.2.5. MIT Tech Review

1.2.6. Popular Mechanics How 8 Sci-Fi Gadgets Are Becoming Reality

1.2.7. Popular Science Future Of

1.2.8. PSFK

1.2.9. Smarter Planet

1.2.10. Tech Republic

1.2.11. Tested

1.3. Science Fiction

1.3.1. MIT Tech Review Science Fiction Anthology

1.3.2. Robinson: Mars Trilogy

1.3.3. Ballantyne: Recursion Trilogy

1.3.4. SciFi / Tech Mashups David Brin Technovelgy

1.3.5. Many many more

1.4. Books

1.4.1. Digital Outcasts

1.4.2. Digital Humanitarians

1.4.3. Cognitive Cooking

1.5. Science

1.5.1. Arxiv Especially ... Adaptation & Self-Organizing Systems Artificial Intelligence Biological Physics Chaotic Dynamics Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Computer Science and Game Theory Computers and Society Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Digital Libraries Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Genomics Information Theory Learning Machine Learning Medical Physics Neural and Evolutionary Computing Neurons and Cognition Pattern Formation and Solitons Quantitative Biology Risk Management Robotics Social and Information Networks Tissues and Organs

1.5.2. IEEE IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference : healthcare technology : [proceedings]. IEEE journal of translational engineering in health and medicine. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering. IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems. IEEE transactions on medical imaging. IEEE transactions on nanobioscience. IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering : Proceedings / BioVis, IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization Proceedings / IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems.

1.5.3. ACM ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing (JETC) ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education Future of Computing Education Summit

1.5.4. Other Journals BMJ innovations. Healthcom International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare International innovation : disseminating science, research and technology. International Workshop on Databases and Expert Systems Applications International Workshop on Software Engineering in Health Care. Proceedings / Annual IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems. Surgical innovation.

1.6. TED

1.6.1. TEDtalks

1.6.2. TEDx

1.6.3. TEDMED

1.7. UMich / UofM

1.7.1. Office of Tech Transfer Annual Report Accessible Justice Athletics & Technology New Treaments (Gaucher's) Reprogramming Brain Circuits Inventions @ UM SUBSCRIBE Selected Highlights

1.7.2. Digital Education and Innovation

1.7.3. Fast Forward Medical Innovation

1.7.4. Host Microbiome Initiative

1.7.5. Innovate Blue

1.7.6. Innovation in Action

1.7.7. Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation

1.7.8. Medical Innovation Center

1.7.9. Risk Science Center

1.8. Youtube

1.8.1. Channels Adam Ford ASAP Accelerating Science Awards Program Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Berkman Center Big Think ColdFusion Computerphile DIYbioNYC EEVBlog (electronics) Future Thinking iBio Magazine José Gomez Marquez MAKE Magazine MakerFaire MediaXStanford MIT Tech Review Motherboard National Human Genome Research Institute NIH 3D Print Exchange SciShow Singularity U Singularity Weblog Singularity Videos Stanford Medicine X Talks at Google Tech Insider TechCrunch Tech.Science.Society Tinkering Studio The Verge Vice X Prize

1.8.2. Topics Digital Health Activity Tracker Synthetic Biology Wearable Computer Wearable Technology

1.9. MORE

1.9.1. PFA #Etech

1.9.2. Twitter: #CoolToysU

1.9.3. Twitter: #EmTech

1.9.4. PFA #Emerging

1.9.5. PFA #blogroll

2. Cool Toys

2.1. Robin Good's mindmap

2.2. Gephi

2.3. Google

2.3.1. Recent Google Art Project Google Body Browser Google Books Ngram Google Drive Hello Fax Google DRIVING Google Hangouts Hangouts on Air Apps in Hangouts Slideshare Hangouts Stutter Social Google Plus Google Ripples

2.3.2. Innovation Research @ Google Google Innovation Lab for Government Google Innovation Lab for Food Experiences About Google Lab Creative Skills for Innovation Google X has a new logo & new plan to turn moonshots into business Google X Self-Driving Cars Project Loon Makani Project Wing

2.3.3. General Google Edu Youtube Closed Captions

2.4. Noun Project

2.5. ShowMe

2.6. Tomorrowish

2.7. Twitter Plays / Role Play

2.7.1. RP Directory

2.7.2. Titanic


2.8. More about Cool Toys

2.8.1. Blog

2.8.2. Email Group: cooltoysconversation

2.8.3. Calendar

2.8.4. Google Calendar

2.8.5. Yammer

2.8.6. Facebook coming?

3. Tech Trends

3.1. Tech Trends 2016

3.1.1. Core Gartner Hype Cycle 2015 What caught my eye What puzzled me About Related Horizon Report, Higher Ed 2016 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Learning Analytics & Adaptive Learning Augmented and Virtual Reality Makerspaces Affective Computing Robotics Accelerants Challenges MIT Breakthrough Technologies 2016 Immune engineering Precise gene editing in plants Conversational interfaces Reusable rockets Robots that teach each other DNA app store SolarCity's Gigafactory Slack Tesla Autopilot Power from the air

3.1.2. DARPA Biological Technologies DARPA: Biology IS Technology, Biology is INFORMATION Technology #DARPAbit Video Friday: DARPA Biology is Technology Conference #DARPABiT Learning Accelerated/Neuroplasticity Machine Programmable Matter InfoChemistry And Self-Folding Origami DARPA'S "PROGRAMMABLE MATTER" PROJECT CREATING SHAPE-SHIFTING MATERIALS Video: Create Anything You Want With Programmable Matter Make Your Own World With Programmable Matter Resources DARPA DARPAtv Open Catalog Technovelgy

3.1.3. IBM Research Watson Research journal

3.1.4. Medical Futurist Top 10 Medical Technologies of 2016 Virtual reality Augmented reality Fibretronics / smart clothes Smart algorithms analyzing wearable data Near AI in Radiology Food scanners Humanoid robots 3D bioprinting IoT of Health at Home Theranos, maybe CRISPR

3.1.5. Microsoft VIDEO: Microsoft - The world in the future

3.1.6. MIT EmTech Conference 2016 Trends 2015 Trends Videos 2014 Trends Videos

3.2. Tech Trends 2015

3.2.1. Gartner Hype Cycle 2014

3.2.2. Horizon Report, Higher Ed 2015

3.2.3. MIT Breakthrough Technologies 2015

3.2.4. WEF Emerging Technologies Report 2015

3.2.5. Zenith Optimedia's Top Ten Emerging Technologies 2015

3.3. Tech Trends 2014

3.3.1. Gartner Hype Cycle 2013

3.3.2. MIT Breakthrough Technologies 2014

3.3.3. 50 most critical breakthroughs

3.4. Tech Trends 2013

3.5. Tech Trends 2012

3.6. Tech Trends 2011

4. Resources

4.1. NMC Horizon Report

4.1.1. Tech to Watch 2012 Mobile Tablet Game-Based Learning Learning Analytics Gesture Based Computing Internet of Things Videos RoboEarth

4.1.2. Tech to Watch 2011 eBooks Mobile Augmented Reality Game-Based Learning Gesture-Based Computing Learning Analytics

4.1.3. Critical Challenges Digital Media Literacy Assessment - Metrics lab behind tech Ed Competition New Models of Learning Economics Tech Trends Cloud Computing Rapid Proliferation Information Software Tools Devices

4.1.4. EDUCAUSE: Horizon Report in Action Mobile computing Gesture-based computing Visual data analysis Simple augmented reality eBooks Open content

4.1.5. Tools/Resources NMC Navigator Horizon Report Wiki 2011 Horizon Report Wiki 2010

4.1.6. NMC Navigator ETech Tag Cloud/Focus List 3D Printing Augmented Reality Cloud Computing Collaborative Environments New Scholarship eBooks Game-Based Geolocation / Location-based Gesture-based HTML5 Mobiles Open Content / Open Educational Resources Personal Learning Environments Publishing Social Media Teaching Aids Telepresence 3D Video Visualization / Visual Data Analysis

4.2. MIT Tech Review

4.2.1. Egg Stem Cells

4.2.2. Ultra-efficient solar

4.2.3. Solar microgrids

4.2.4. 3D transistors

4.2.5. A Faster Fourier

4.2.6. Nanopore Sequencing

4.2.7. Crowdfunding

4.2.8. High-speed materials discovery

4.2.9. Facebook's Timeline

4.3. 2020science

4.3.1. The list Geoengineering Smart Grids Radical materials Synthetic biology Personalized genomics Bio-interfaces Data interfaces Solar power Nootropics Cosmeceuticals

4.3.2. The theme CONVERGENCE Singularity? Can we handle it?

4.3.3. Future Reality

4.4. World Economic Forum 2012

4.4.1. Informatics

4.4.2. Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering

4.4.3. Green Revolution 2.0

4.4.4. Nanoscale design of materials

4.4.5. Systems biology/modeling

4.4.6. Carbon dioxide as a resource

4.4.7. Wireless power

4.4.8. High energy density power systems

4.4.9. Personalized medicine, nutrition and disease prevention

4.4.10. Enhanced education technology

4.5. 2011

4.5.1. Adaptive Path: Forecasting Scenarios Blended Reality "Invisible" Tech Smart Parks Day to Data Lifestreaming Wearable Systems Creative Commons Cloud Our Data, Ourselves Digital Me

4.5.2. Bowman: Emerging Tech Discovery

4.5.3. Deloitte: Tech Trends 2011 Enablers Visualization "Almost Enterprise" Applications Cyber Intelligence CIOs as Revolutionaries End of the "Death of the ERP" Disruptors Real Analytics Social Computing User Engagement Applied Mobility Capability Clouds

4.5.4. Luidia: Top Tech Trends for K-12 2011 Mobile Online Learning Tech-based monitoring & assessment / Learning Analytics Cloud Professonal development

4.5.5. Sloan Center: Empowering Next Generation Teaching 2011 Administration & Infrastructure Cutting Edge Tech Innovative Uses Online Classes New Learning Communities Pedagogy From UMich eTextbooks (Brenda Gunderson) Laptops & LectureTools (Charles Dershimer) Extra Credit for NOT Coming to Class (Perry Samson) Personalized Online Format (Nancy Konigsberg Kerner)

4.5.6. Veletsianos, Emerging Tech in Distance Education Personal Learning Networks/Environments Open & Social Learning Animated Pedagogical Agents Immersive & Virtual Environments

4.6. Vision 2010

4.6.1. OER

4.6.2. Modular not Monolithic

4.6.3. Community Open Source Model

4.6.4. Open Integration Framework

4.6.5. Superior Vertical Solutions

4.6.6. SAAS

4.6.7. Integration / Outsourcing

4.7. Wikipedia List of Current Emerging Technologies

4.7.1. Categories Biotech, bioinformatics Energy systems Information technology Artificial intelligence Communications Processing Storage Security Software Peripherals Displays & Optics Material science Robotics Material science

4.7.2. Examples Personalized medicine Nano everything Semantic web "answer machine" 3D display 3D printing

4.7.3. Structure The Tech Status Potentially marginalized tech or industries Potential applications Related articles

5. What is Emerging Tech?

5.1. About

5.1.1. Wikipedia: Emerging Technologies

5.1.2. NBIC (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology, Cognitive science

5.2. Centers

5.2.1. Major Resources Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

5.2.2. Localized Thinktanks Center for Emerging Technologies Emerging Technologies Centers, Baltimore Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology (Washington State) National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies

5.2.3. Corporate Deloitte: Emerging Technologies IBM Alphaworks Watson

5.2.4. Education Centered EDUCAUSE Emerging Technologies & Practices Emerging Technologies Resources Evolving Technologies Networking & Emerging Tech Resources New Media Consortium

5.2.5. Science Centered UM Risk Science Center

5.3. Events

5.3.1. European Future Technologies

5.3.2. Imagine Cup

5.4. Publications

5.4.1. ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

5.4.2. Forecasters: FORESIGHT

5.4.3. Nature: Futures Issue Facebook

5.4.4. Technology Review: Emerging

5.5. Blogs Etc

5.5.1. DVICE

5.5.2. Gameful

5.5.3. GizMag

5.5.4. OpenTheFuture

5.5.5. WorldChanging