slc loopback

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slc loopback by Mind Map: slc loopback

1. data

1.1. slc loopback:datasource

1.2. model

1.2.1. timestamp npm install loopback-ds-timestamp-mixin --save es

1.2.2. slc loopback:model

1.2.3. remote method remote hooks

1.2.4. model definition

1.2.5. server/boot/scripts.js - population loopback boot

1.3. relations

1.3.1. slc loopback:relation belongs to many-to-one(hasMany) one-to-one(hasOne)

1.3.2. exercice

1.4. access control

1.4.1. slc loopback:acl Deny everyone all endpoints allow everyone to read reviews Allow authenticated users to write a review enable the author of a review

1.4.2. exercice

2. pages

2.1. static

2.2. route

3. AngularJS SDK

3.1. AngularJs Client

4. Setting up a production host

4.1. Deploying your application

5. Eclipse mar loopback for Bluemix

5.1. new Nodes.js Project

5.1.1. install dependencies npm install loopback-connector-mongodb --save npm install loopback-ds-timestamp-mixin --save add manifest.yml

5.1.2. run As Application for show http://localhost:3000/explorer

5.1.3. run 'slc arc' to terminal for show http://localhost:61159/#/composer

5.2. Angular.js

5.2.1. $ mkdir -p client/js/services $ lb-ng server/server.js client/js/services/lb-services.js

6. loopback boot

7. Blumiex(Paas)