Dill (Charles Baker Harris)

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Dill (Charles Baker Harris) by Mind Map: Dill (Charles Baker Harris)


1.1. That his father will come for him

1.1.1. "Dill's Father was taller than ours, he had a black beard (pointed) and he was president of the L&N Railroad" this shows us the dill apprently knows that he dad looks like.

1.2. Belief

1.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain

1.2.2. Quote or Evidence ( Including page #) Explain

1.3. Loyalty

1.3.1. "Dills's hand sought the back of his head. he brought it toward and across his fore head. 'we were plain' strip poker up wonder by the fish pool' he said" Pg 61 This meant that dill was willing to do anything for his friends and that he valued loyalty: Good Friend.

1.4. Value

1.4.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain


2.1. Bad Guys, Bad Guy

2.1.1. "Dill was a Villians, Villans" Pg 43 He is the bad guy to the bad guys so basically he is the hero.

2.2. Quick Thinker

2.2.1. "She ain't gonna get you. He'll talk her out of it. thats was fast thinking' son. Listen..... you hear?" This shows us how Dill act when he is pressed and that he act of his feet.


3.1. Clowns

3.1.1. "I think I'll be a clown when I get grown […] There ain't one thing in this world I can do about folks except laugh, so I'm gonna join the circus and laugh my head off." "You got it backwards, Dill," said Jem. "Clowns are sad, it's folks that laugh at them." "Well I'm gonna be a new kind of clown. I'm gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks." This shows us that dill really dosnt want to be the laughing stock and he wants to be happy so he decided to think about the idea of become a clown

3.2. Finding Boo Radley

3.2.1. "But Dill got him the third day, when he told Jem that folks in Meridian certainly weren't as afraid as the folks in Maycomb, that he'd never seen such scary folks as the ones in Maycomb." This shows us that boo really wanted to find boo Radley and make come out and he was really Desperate to see him.

3.3. Emotion

3.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain


4.1. Big Stories

4.1.1. "Dil Harris could tell the biggest ones i had ever seen. Among other things, he had been up in a mail plane seventeen times, he had been to Nova Scotia, he had seen an elephant, and his grandaddy was brigadier General Joes Wheeler and left him with a hush sword" Pg 53 This show about how scout loved his stories and how she thought his life was very exciting because he always had stories to tell.

4.2. Quality

4.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain

4.3. Quality

4.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain


5.1. Quality

5.1.1. "He wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt, his hair was snow white and stuck to his head like duck fluff" Pg 8 This was dill appearance at the beginning of the novel.

5.2. Quality

5.2.1. "He discarded his abominable blue short that were buttoned to his short and wore real shorts pants with a belt, he was somewhat heavier, no taller" Pg 40 This shows dill after he came for his second summer in maybcomb and this describes how he has changed.

5.3. Quality

5.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain


6.1. Family

6.1.1. "Grandma says he hasn't got a home... He just gets pasted around from relative to relative and he goes to miss Rachel every summer" Pg 91 This shows that he's doesn't really have a place which may suggest that his parent (if he has any) have abandoned him.

6.2. Concern

6.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

6.3. Concern

6.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

6.4. Concern

6.4.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

7. Max and Sumer