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1. Acts Likes

1.1. He is very mature and thinks well

1.2. Doesn't support the black and white segregation

1.3. Tries not to hit his children, instead just scorns them

1.3.1. 'Atticus ain't ever whipped me since I can remember. I wanta keep it that way.'

1.4. Understands and respects everyone's views no matter how harsh they are on his

1.5. His very intelligent

2. Motivated by

2.1. The idea of fairness and equality

2.2. Respecting everyone

2.3. Doing what is morally correct

2.4. He is motivated doing the right thing

3. Textual Issues and Concerns Linked to His Character

3.1. The disapproval of others in Maycomb

3.2. The disapproval of some people in his family

3.3. Knowing that he can't win the case against Mayella Ewell

3.4. Knowing that Scout and Jem would have a hard time dealing with other Maycomb citizens

4. How Others See Him

4.1. Scout and Jem respect him and value his time

4.1.1. However, they initially were embarrassed of him

4.2. Calpurnia also respects him, she enjoys working for him

4.3. Aunt Alexandra believes he is raising Scout and Jem too loosely, believes he isn't a good parent

4.4. Uncle Jack respects him and his decisions

4.5. Others in Maycomb don't approve of his support to Tom Robinson, call him a 'nigger-lover'

5. Beliefs and Values

5.1. Believes justice system is unfair

5.2. Values equality, fairness

5.3. Fights for what is right, even if others don't agree

5.4. Values equality, fairness

6. Looks Like

6.1. About 50 years old

6.1.1. 'I'm too old for that, son'

6.2. Has glasses

6.2.1. 'Besides that, he wore glasses'

6.3. Weak

6.3.1. 'Atticus was feeble'