Eleanor and Park

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Eleanor and Park by Mind Map: Eleanor and Park

1. Love

1.1. Eleanor

1.1.1. Is never sure if she should fall in love with Park because she is afraid that it could cause problems with her stepdad

1.2. Park

1.2.1. Falls in love with Eleanor. The first time that he sees her he is not sure about her. The more time that he spends with her the more that he likes her and the more time that he wants to spend with her.

1.3. Parks house

1.3.1. Paks house is where they hang out all the time and where most of their relationship grows.

2. Characters

2.1. Eleanor

2.1.1. Eleanor is a little bit bigger girl that gets made fun of a lot because of her weight.

2.2. Park

2.2.1. Park was the kind of guy that did not really like to hang out with girls a lot before he met Eleanor. He always likes to read comics and Eleanor starts to join him more and more as the year goes on.

3. Apperaence

3.1. Eleanor

3.1.1. Eleanor never really cares about her appearance. She is usually wearing whatever she can find from her house because she can not always get the nicest clothes she does not dress the way that all the other girls in her school do.

3.2. School

3.2.1. A lot of the time in school Eleanor get made fun of for the way she looks and how she dresses, most of the time this is by Tina, who her mom thinks is very nice to her.

3.3. Park

3.3.1. Park about halfway through the book starts wearing eye liner. His dad does not like that he does this but he does it anyway.

4. House

4.1. Eleanor

4.1.1. Eleanor's house is not big enough for her large family. They only live in a 2 bedroom house and have 5 children. Three of the children have to sleep on the floor every night.

4.2. Park

4.2.1. Park's house is much bigger than Eleanor's house and he only has one brother to live with. He has his own room and a waterbed to sleep on. When he calls Eleanor he is always careful that she does not hear the water bed because he is afraid that if she knows how much that he has then she will not like him anymore.

5. Family

5.1. Eleanor

5.1.1. Eleanor's family is not the most stable they are sometimes fighting and Richie is basically a king that gets pampered by Eleanor's mom because she is afraid of what he can do to her. He is the one providing all of the money for the family.

5.2. Park

5.2.1. Parks parents are some of those parents that fell in love at first sight. His dad was serving in the military during a war and met his mom they fell in love and he brought her back to America with him. His family is a good family that is usually get along. There is a limited number of fights in their house..

6. Suffering

6.1. Eleanor

6.1.1. Eleanor goes through a lot of suffering in the book between getting kicked out of the house, not liking where they are living now and much more.

6.2. Richie tring to find Eleanor

6.2.1. When Richie is trying to find Eleanor after the night that her and Park go out for the first time, Richie is drunk and is really mad. Eleanor sneaks out and Tina helps her by hiding Eleanor in her garage. They go find Park and Eleanor and him take off to go to Eleanor's uncle's house in St. Paul.

6.3. Park

6.3.1. Park does go through some suffering through the book whenever Eleanor gets mad at him he goes through some suffering, when we wears eyeliner and his dad gets mad at him he has a little suffering there, the most suffering that he goes through is when he has to leave Eleanor in St. Paul with her aunt and uncle because Richie was so mad at her.