10g Upgrade Options

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10g Upgrade Options by Mind Map: 10g Upgrade Options

1. Are they using BI Apps?

1.1. Is the intention to carry on using BI Apps i.e. good adoption, usage etc of current setup?

1.1.1. Technical (Platform) Upgrade now possible up to OBIEE12c, keeping BI Apps 7.9.6.x core

1.1.2. Upgrade BI Apps to 11g on-prem, followed by platform upgrade of OBIEE to 12c

1.1.3. Exalytics an option for the BI infrastructure layer

1.2. Want to carry on with BI Apps, but move to cloud

1.2.1. sticking with EBS/PSFT etc on-prem? OTBI E can now connect to some EBS/PSFT modules on-premise, so BI Apps in Cloud/EBS on-prem (but more limited support for customisations vs. on-prem)

1.2.2. Moving to Fusion Apps OTBI + OTBI E are cloud options OBIA11g on-prem can connect to Fusion Apps in cloud, if just ERP part is going to the cloud

1.3. Want to consider options away from BI Apps

1.3.1. Custom-build by RM

1.3.2. DVCS will have SaaS connectors and for Oracle CRM

2. Have they licensed the "+" part of OBIEE i.e. the Hyperion tools?

3. Custom Build

3.1. Upgrade to 12c on-prem via 11g technical-only step

3.1.1. Optionally add VA module

3.1.2. Optionally add DV Desktop / DV Server for Mode 2 analysis

3.1.3. Optionally add BICS or DVCS with custom integration to ship RPD / BAR files back and forward between cloud and on-prem

3.2. Go to 11g on-prem; then upgrade to 12c only when next couple of patches come out (equiv. to OBIEE - more conservative option

3.3. Add a cloud element (hybrid solution)

3.3.1. add BICS / DVCS elements for spin-out / business agility purposes (standalone departmental with RPD / catalog spin-off)

3.3.2. Move PROD or TEST into cloud, keep dev etc on-prem More doable now that BICS can have catalogs uploaded Useful maybe from a service availability standpoint, but not really much point yet

3.4. Go entirely cloud

3.4.1. BICS as core Need DBaaS if using RPD upload Optional Essbase Cloud Service BI Publisher via JCS Need to consider Identity Mgmt Move users to Oracle Cloud users Integrate with on-prem SSO

3.4.2. DVCS as core Connect to Oracle SaaS apps through pre-built integrations Custom integration with third-party SaaS apps e.g. SFDC