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Business Squad Online Marketing by Mind Map: Business Squad Online Marketing

1. Notes and Systems

2. Posting Schedule

2.1. Video

2.1.1. Main Vidoe Live Steame Thursday Night Launch Whole cleaned up Recorded Monday after Will Paluse Segment from live content 20 min Tuesdays Boos and Hisses segment Conetnet 4-5 min Wednesday Paluse Segment from live content Ben is content for video

2.2. Podcast

2.2.1. Monday Whole Podcast after

2.2.2. Paluse Segment from live content 20 min Tuesday

2.2.3. The Good The Bad And The Squad 4-5 min Friday

2.2.4. Itunes and what to get andriod Tunedin radio

2.3. Content

2.3.1. So everyone writes 2 per theme 18 per month

2.3.2. T - Th - S

2.3.3. Outsourced Heather

2.4. Site and platform redsign

2.5. Themes

2.5.1. May Home services businesses

2.5.2. June non profits

2.5.3. July is b2b

2.5.4. Aug med pros

2.6. Dream

2.6.1. Pre-Game Commercial people in show

3. Social Media

3.1. Facebook

3.2. Twitter

3.3. Google+

3.4. Youtube

3.5. Linkedin

3.6. Periscope

3.7. Content

3.7.1. Quote Photos

4. Website

4.1. Goals

4.1.1. 1) Share Business Squared Content

4.1.2. 2) Sell Business Squard Services

4.2. Page Outline

4.2.1. Business Squad? Long form page Overview Team Services Content Clients Call To Action

4.3. Blog

4.3.1. Theme All Content

4.3.2. Tages

4.3.3. Chanelse

4.3.4. Subscirbe Section Email Social Media

4.3.5. Call to action

5. Others Tribes


6.1. Topics

6.1.1. Monthly Overview (Non-Profits) Week 1 (Non-Profits Benefits) Squad Talks Topic One (Non-Profit Benefits vs. Corporate Benefits) Topic Two Pros Corner Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

6.1.2. Positng All Video Connected To Blog All Videos In YouTube Playlists

6.1.3. Guest Capture System Social Media Live Stream Post Content To Personal Page Post Content To Business Page Email List Intro Video With James and Person Text Topic 1 Topic 2 5 Video Segments This email can also be used for the Squad Website Post A Blog On Guest Website