Psychic Healing

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Psychic Healing by Mind Map: Psychic Healing

1. What is it?

1.1. A new and alternative form of treatment for health problems

1.2. Treatments given over several weeks or months

1.3. Faith healing

1.3.1. With the 'power of the holy spirit' patients will get better - members believe that through prayer they will get better Placebo effect or self fulfilling prophecy?

1.3.2. Conducted by priests or vicars

1.3.3. Often used on severe or fatal illness Provides a belief system in a time of need

1.4. Layering of hands e.g. TT, Reiki

2. Research into psychic healing

2.1. Krieger (2000) - Ps who were given TT had increased haemoglobin levels (found in blood samples) - a year later they still had higher levels

2.1.1. Single blind technique - results are not due to placebo effect

2.1.2. Longitudinal study

2.2. Keller and Bzdek (1989) - Ps who suffered from headaches were tested using MMPQ (questionnaire) and after having TT, 90% reported headache relief

2.2.1. Single blind technique eliminates placebo effect and reduces demand characteristics

2.2.2. Small, Volunteer sample

2.3. Rosa et al - self proclaimed 'psychic healers' invited to place their hands through a wall - experimenter would then place their hand 4 inches away from either the Ps right or left hand and P would be asked which they 'felt' was there (psychic healers are supposed to be able to 'sense a person's aura' therefore should successfully detect which hand it was) - Ps were mostly incorrect - concluding that TT is not real

2.3.1. Researcher is 9 years old

2.3.2. Validity could be questionable since the experimenter used was not ill, therefore Ps may be less able to sense 'aura'

3. Explanations of success

3.1. Healer's presence is a distraction from pain

3.2. Actual ESP

3.3. Placebo effect

3.4. Self fulfilling prophecy