System Theories

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System Theories by Mind Map: System Theories

1. Toury and descriptive translation studies

1.1. Descriptive translation studies

1.1.1. Three phase methodology for systematic DTS Textual analysis Generalizations Situate the text within the target culture system

2. The concept of norms of translation behavior

2.1. Rules

2.2. Norms

2.2.1. Initial norm Subjection to target culture norms Acceptable translation Subjection to source norms Adequate translation Preliminary norms Translation policy Directness of translation Operational norms Matricial norms Textual-linguistic norms

2.3. Conventions

2.4. Idiosyncrasies

3. Lows of translation

3.1. Low of growing standardization

3.2. Law of interference

4. Other models of descriptive translation studies

4.1. Group of scholars

4.1.1. Manipulation school

4.2. Jose Lambert and Hendrik van Grop

4.2.1. On describing translations Preliminary data Micro-level Macro-level Systemic context

5. Chesterman's translation norms

5.1. Product or expectancy norms

5.2. Professional norms

5.2.1. accountability norm Ethical

5.2.2. The relation norm Linguistic

5.2.3. communication norm Social

6. Primary position

6.1. Young literature

6.2. Vacuum in literature

6.3. Peripheral literature