Increasing sales tax on alcopops

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Increasing sales tax on alcopops by Mind Map: Increasing sales tax on alcopops

1. Affected Parties

1.1. Manufactures

1.2. Wholesalers

1.3. Retailers

1.4. Buyers

1.5. Illegal dealers

1.6. Government

2. Consequences

2.1. To the buyers: Buy less

2.2. To the sellers: Sell less

2.3. To government: Increase tax income

3. Effectiveness

3.1. Elastic demand: Effective

3.2. Inelastic demand: Ineffective

3.3. Perfectly inelastic demand: Ineffective

4. Reasons

4.1. Reduce teenage drinking

4.2. Alcopops drinking is unhealthy

4.3. As a source of income to the government

5. Individuals' perception

5.1. Buyers: Do not welcome

5.2. Sellers: Do not welcome

5.3. Teenagers: Do not welcome

5.4. Parents: Welcome