Assessing & Evaluating Students

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Assessing & Evaluating Students by Mind Map: Assessing & Evaluating Students

1. Assessment

1.1. Summative

1.1.1. Examples: Assigning a grade to a final exam Critique of a Senior recital University Faculty Course Evaluations

1.2. Formative

1.2.1. Examples: Asking students to submit one or two sentences identifying the main point of a lecture Have students submit an outline for a paper. Early course evaluations

1.3. Tools for Asssessment

1.3.1. Wiki

1.3.2. Blog

1.3.3. Eportfolio

1.3.4. Graphic Organizer

1.3.5. Student Feedback

1.3.6. Self Evaluation

1.4. Grading & Planning Assessments

1.4.1. Rubrics

1.4.2. Examples of Student Work

1.4.3. Making sure assignments allign Course & Learning Objectives Standards Activities

2. Evaluation

2.1. Self-Evaluation

2.1.1. on Course

2.1.2. on Lessons

2.1.3. on Course Objectives

2.1.4. Teaching Style

2.2. Student Evaluation

2.2.1. Student Analysis

2.2.2. Student Feedback

2.3. Course Evaluation

2.3.1. Formal Assessment on Course Typically Given at end of semester

2.3.2. Provides feedback used for Teacher Evaluation too

2.4. Teacher Evaluation

2.4.1. Pre Oberservation

2.4.2. Obersevation Rubric given to see what is expected

2.4.3. Post Observation