Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Learn Windows PC, Macintosh, tablets, Linux

2. Learning to use computers, typing, printing storing data, play games, transfer and evaluate data

3. Learn Adobe, MS

4. Collection of codes on a hard drive

5. Benefits and Challenges

6. Viruses, privacy protection, false information

7. pc speed, operation, Windows

8. Unable to fix or repair it, not up to date knowledge, improper software

9. Benefits and Challenges

10. Input Devices

10.1. They tend to send or gives information for processing to a computer or system.

10.2. Able to send data to another device but not receive data from another device.

10.3. Input device examples are Keyboard Mouse Joysticks camera, pen or flash drives, Scanners Microphones.

11. Output Devices

11.1. They tend to display and reproduce that information that was processed.

11.2. Are able to receive data from another device but not send data to another device.

11.3. Output Devices are Printer Display Speakers Projector Plotter.

12. Hardware and Components

12.1. Any physical computer or device

12.2. Computer, mouse, pc devices

13. Software Components

13.1. Operating system, Internet browser, programs

13.1.1. not compatible software, viruses, e-learning, web