Move Out Mates Perth

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Move Out Mates Perth by Mind Map: Move Out Mates Perth

1. Contacts

1.1. Phone: 08 6355 5610

1.2. Website

2. Services

2.1. End Of Lease Cleaning

2.2. Move In Cleaning

2.3. Removals

2.4. One Off Cleaning

2.5. Window Cleaning

2.6. Carpet Cleaning

2.7. Oven Cleaning

3. Benefits

3.1. 24/7 Customer Support

3.2. 72 Hours Guaranteed FREE Re-Clean if we missed a spot

3.3. Organize your move out cleaning and recieve 15% DISCOUNT on any service for your new property

3.4. Combine oven and carpet cleaning and receive 10% OFF the price

3.5. 50% OFF carpet cleaning when booked with your end of lease cleaning

3.6. Get a FREE oven cleaning with your vacate service

3.7. Combining services and booking in advance earns you awesome deals