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Woodland Vole by Mind Map: Woodland Vole
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Woodland Vole



Woodland Vole needs cool air for it to live plus clean air to live


Woodland Vole don't swim but drink large amounts of water


Live in deciduous forests in eastern North America


They can live up to 20° and down to -10°



It size is 118mm to 130mm


Woodland Vole is brown and a little red

Life Cycle

Woodland Voles sometimes hibernate but they burrow in the ground

Off Spring

In the off spring months woodland voles would mate


Pictures and Map

Action Plan

Things the Government casn do

By leaving the fallen tree alone insted of taking it and make paper (woodland vole habitat

Things I can do

If I find a piece of bark I leave it alone instead of touching it and disturbing the woodland vole

Things the NGO can do

By putting a park up to save the woodland voles


The Woodland Vole has a speical concern for sciencetist

Biome or Ecozone

It lives near wetlands and cottage country

Human Impact on the Woodland Vole

In the cottage country along time ago (and sometimes now) people would go out and hunt for animals and the woodland voles is one of those animals.

When the wetland dry out the government mowes it down and do constrution.When fallen trees are in the wetland the take it and make paper out of it and the woodland vole has it nest there so they die.