Psychic Mediumship

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Psychic Mediumship by Mind Map: Psychic Mediumship

1. What is it?

1.1. A practise where a medium acts as a facilitator of communication between the physical world and the spiritual

1.2. Mediums have the power to listen to the spirits and converse with them during trace and will have o recollection afterwards

1.3. Popular in the USA

2. It is not paranormal

2.1. Psychic readings work because people want them to - belief in the psychic medium will blind people to their fraudulent tactics

2.1.1. Frauds will use 'cold reading'- this is the skill rather than mediumship A technique used to make a person think you know more about them than you do The skill is to play on the participant's beliefs and from this the p will interpret anything as a sign that contact has been made

2.2. Sceptics would argue that fantasy prone people would see the psychic as having some influencing power

2.3. John Edward

2.3.1. He might feel himself being pulled to a certain part of the audience, "I'm getting an M name, like Mary, Marie, Maria"

2.3.2. He can reinforce correct information and quickly gloss over wrong information

2.3.3. He has been criticised for targeting people when they are vulnerable (e.g. they have just lost a loved one) and are therefore more suggestible than usual

2.4. Messages sent back from the grave are usually positive: "She is doing well, she is happy and at peace"

2.4.1. Is life after death always so good? Telling the P what they want to hear Perhaps the readings from psychic mediums match cultural beliefs that are held about the experience of life after death

3. It is a scientific fact

3.1. Beischel and Schwartz (2007) - 8 students participated as 'sitters' - 4 of which had suffered the death of a peer and 4 of a parent - 8 mediums - certain mediums could give accurate information about the deceased

3.1.1. Triple blind technique

3.2. Sir William Crooke

3.2.1. Well known and respected scientist

3.2.2. After 20 years of research, he argues "it is quite true that a connection has been set up between this world and the next" (1917)

3.3. Russek and Schwartz (2001) - highly skilled mediums can give accurate readings about people they know nothing about