Political and Artistic Rev.

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Political and Artistic Rev. by Mind Map: Political and Artistic Rev.

1. Liberalism

1.1. - A political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality

2. Nationalism

2.1. Nationalism is the belief that the interests of a particular nation are of primary importance. Also, the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination.

3. French Revolution pt. III

3.1. Because of France's involvement in the American Revolution and Louis XVI's spending left the country in the brink of bankrupcy

4. Revolts of early 19th century

4.1. All aimed towards reformation

5. German Unification

5.1. It occurred in January 18, 1871 at the Versailles Palace.

5.2. Self- interestof parties hampered the process over nearly a century of aristocratic experimentation from the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire

5.3. Princes of the German states gathered there to proclaim Wilhelm I of Prussia as German Emperor after the French capitulation in the Franco-Prussian War.

6. Italian Unification

6.1. The political and social movement that consolidated different sates of the Italian peninsula

6.2. The Peninsula was divided into three entities

6.3. Ignited nationalist sentiment

7. Romanticism

7.1. Artistic, literary, and intellectual movement

7.2. Emphasis on emotion and individualism and glorification of all the past and nature

7.3. Partly a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, the aristocratic social and political reforms.

8. Realism

8.1. -The movement or style of representing familiar things as they actually are.

9. 19th Century science

9.1. Major acheivements and discoveries: -Steel -Electricity -Internal Combustion Engine -Telegraph and Telephone -Railroads