conservative hegemony in Colombia

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conservative hegemony in Colombia by Mind Map: conservative hegemony in Colombia

1. Carlos Holguin Mallarino

1.1. 1888-1892. was a politician and lawyer and journlist.

2. Rafael Reyes

2.1. assumed the presidency in 1904 and tried to end war and regionaslism in colombia.

3. Jose Maria Campo Serrano

3.1. 1886-1887 was linked into tomas cipriano de mosquera. sanctioned the constitution of 1886.

4. Miguel Abadia Mendez

4.1. 1926-1930 was a lawyer and colombian politician. held the positions of the president of the republc, in seven portafolios.

5. Jose Vicente Concha

5.1. 1914-1918. in this period colombia had effects of ww1. brought unemployeement and reduced investment. stimulated international relations.

6. Marco Fidel Suarez

6.1. 1918.1921 time of post- war era. was responsible for promoting relations with the united states. created an incomee tax. left a sucesor until 1922.

7. Manuel Antonio Saclemente

7.1. was a statesman, lawyer and colobian politician, occupied the presidency in 1898- 1900. during this time the thousand days war was happening.

8. Ramon Gonzalez Valencia

8.1. was a military, politician, and colombian statesman.was the president since 1909-1910. was the replacement of rafael reyes.

9. Miguel Antonio Caro

9.1. 1886-1900 was a reporter. was part of partido nacional with rafael nuñez.

10. Pedro Nel Ospina

10.1. found our country in a time of economic prosperity. all the economic boom led this government to be known as " danza de los millones"

11. Rafael Nuñez

11.1. 1887.1888 was named as senator of panama. was one of the leaders of " la regeneracion"

12. Eliseo Payan

12.1. in two occasions was in the executive power. participated in the civil war of 1880.

13. Carlos Eugenio Restrepo

13.1. was marked by an attempt in which liberals and conservatives recncile. increased in exports and prices.

14. Jose Manuel Marroquin

14.1. 1900-1904 the thousand days war finished and the separation of panama from colombia.