Conservative Hegemony (Colombia)

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Conservative Hegemony (Colombia) by Mind Map: Conservative Hegemony (Colombia)

1. Rafael Nuñez

1.1. He wrote the Himno Nacional script

1.2. He founded the National party

1.3. He proposed the approval of a new centralist constitution

2. Carlos Holguin Mallariano

2.1. He continued with Nuñez centralist ideas

2.2. He created Colombia's National police

2.3. He brought telephone services to Colombia

3. Miguel Antonio Caro

3.1. During his government the Santa Sede concordat was added

3.2. He participated in the writing of the 1886 Constitution

3.3. He stimulated the literature

4. Jose Manuel Marroquin

4.1. He made a coup d'etat due to the crisis Colombia was having

4.2. During his government the Herran-Hay treaty was signed

4.3. During his government the separation of Panama and part of the thousand days' war occured

5. Rafael Reyes

5.1. He organized the army

5.2. He extended the presidential period to 10 years

5.3. Suppressed the vice-presidency and the Consejo de Estado

6. Carlos E. Restrepo

6.1. He restored the obligatory military service

6.2. He extended the health system

6.3. He established telegraph head offices

7. Marco Fidel Suarez

7.1. He promoted the railroads

7.2. He founded the Escuela Militar de Aviacion

7.3. He put wireless telegraphs in the principal cities

8. Pedro Nel Ospina

8.1. His government recieved the money from the indemnization from the United States because of the separation of Panama

8.2. He brought the Kemmerer mission to reorganize the Banco de la Republica and the Contraroria General

8.3. He supported the construction of national railroads

9. Jose Vicente Concha

9.1. During his government our country began to produce oil

9.2. During his government Colombia began suffering the effects of WW1, for example, unemployment

9.3. Some violence movents started in some departments due to the discontent of the people

10. Miguel Abadia

10.1. During his government these 3 things happened...

10.2. The Bananeras crisis

10.3. Global financial crisis

10.4. The communist party appeared in Colombia

11. Jose Maria Campo

11.1. He was named war and navy secretary

11.2. He was against the government of Mariano Ospina

11.3. He had to sanction the 1886 constitution