Peru Trip Research

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Peru Trip Research by Mind Map: Peru Trip Research

1. The flag looks like this

2. the flag was created in the 1800's, as you can see in the middle there is a Llama, a tree and a bag of nuts.

3. The timezone in Lima is 7 hours behind Geneva time.

4. there are a lot of places to visit in lima like the Lacro museum, the cathedral of lima and the plaza mayor.

5. in peru there are traditions, like the "Danza de Tijeras" (The scissors dance)

5.1. For the scissors dance there is a lot of jumping and a movments that repesent scissors

6. There is the carnaval in February-March,


6.2. The carnaval is a festuval where people get togther

7. Resturants


7.2. a few good resturants to go to are, malasabar the malabar, in lima is rated 4.4 stars by google.

7.3. There is also a restaurant called "La Mar cebicherìa. They do seafood.


7.4. There are another resturants like

8. Budgeting and shortest path


9. Potential Destinations

9.1. Culture

9.1.1. Nazca Lines The Nazca lines is an interesting destination as they consists of huge lines of red clay and stones arranged to make huge forms such as Monkeys. Found in Nazca which only 200 miles south of Lima so it is feasible to travel to there from Lima

9.1.2. Arequipa Lots of cultural and gastronimical masterpieces Features white baroque buildings and a massive cathedral and the el misti volcano which is over 5,000 meters tall

9.2. Adventure

9.2.1. The Inca trail to the Machu Picchu is possibly the second most popular touristic attraction after the Machu Picchu itself. There is the possibility to take a train through the many paths, but many prefer to go by foot, to explore the countryside and to follow in the Inca's footsteps. Found in Lima which is south of Nazca, so it is feasible to Travel there from Nazca.It takes about 230 Miles to reach Lima.

9.2.2. Cuzco Once the capital of the incan empire, now features the well known archealogical remains of the incan capital

9.3. Archetecture

9.3.1. The Lima Cathedral The Lima Cathedral is also interesting destination because Pope Paul III wanted Christians to have a place to pray to God, Hoping for Guidance, He also wanted Tourist to see the Structure of the Cathedral wanted People to see it.

10. Actual trip order

10.1. Map of Peru

10.2. Day 1

10.2.1. Take a flight from geneva airpot to Peru

10.3. Day 2

10.3.1. Sightseeing culturally significant places in lima Presbítero Maestro Plaza Mayor Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes

10.3.2. Eat Lunch and dinner at places serving Lima cuisine. Like malasabar, Astrid & Gastòn, here on trip advisor there is this food called papacho's its 4 and half rating out of 5.

10.4. Day 3

10.4.1. Trip to Nazca to see the Nazca lines from an aircraft provided by and fla

10.5. Day 4

10.5.1. Inca Trial to Machu Picchu

10.6. Day 5

10.6.1. Machu Pichu tour to see machu pichu

10.7. Day 6

10.7.1. Trip to Punta Sal. Activities: Deep and shallow Sea Fishing, Whale watching, many beaches,bird watching, scuba diving, yacht trips, surfing. 13 mins from Lima to airport, 1hr40mins by plane to Talara, 1hr30mins by taxi to Punta Sal.

10.8. Day 7

10.8.1. Trip to Arequipia to visit what is called the third cultural capital of peru after lima and cuzco, to sightsee ................

10.9. Day 8

10.9.1. Hiking trip in Lares to see Liamas and to experience adeventurous activites such as rafting

10.10. Day 9

10.10.1. Heavenly Spa

10.10.2. Pack up your things for tomorrow

10.11. Day 10

10.11.1. Pack up all of your things and check out of hotel.

10.11.2. Get a taxi to airport

11. Requirements

12. Sports

12.1. Peru football team has won 2 copa america, and has played in the famous world cup 4 times.

12.1.1. They have many sports, like, football, volleyball, Cockfighting, Bullfighting and Racing.

13. Architecture

13.1. Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Inca, is one of the most important archaeological sites in South America and the most visited tourist attraction in Peru. One of the Quotes for this would Be Archeoligcal or Historical since it was made around the 1450s.

13.2. The Sacred Valley of the Incas or Urubamba Valley was formed by the Urubamba River and stretches from the old Inca capital of Cusco to below the sacred city of Machu Picchu. The People did not know whether the Sacred Valleys of Incas was Born, it is one of the Mysteries Places of the World


13.4. The Lima Cathedral, one of the Ancient Architecture was built in 1538, it was a place that Pope Paul III wanted the Christians to pray to their god.People wanted to make a third Cathedral but was short Lived because of the High Costs


15. Research Questions

15.1. Location map - where? Be precise, choose a city or specific town.

15.2. How will I get there? - airline, cost, timings.

15.2.1. Which arline and why

15.2.2. How much does it cost

15.2.3. When will Miss Mart leave and when will she return

15.3. Why am I going to this particular destination?

15.3.1. Does it correspond with Miss MartsIntrests

15.3.2. Is it cost effective

15.4. Where will I be staying? - accommodation, cost, how long.

15.4.1. Price Vs. Quality of Accomendation

15.4.2. Type of accomendation

15.5. What would you recommend me to do while I am there? - if I am walking, what particular route? If I am shopping, where am I going and why? How can I get there from the accommodation you have booked.

15.6. What impact may I have on the area? Should my impact be limited? Why?

16. Flag

17. Expected product

17.1. A trip taking place in Peru designed for Miss Mart based on the questions we and the other groups asked, that covers all aspects of the trip including travel, expenses, activities and places to stay

18.     trip for macchu pichuu for 29 chf

19. Hotels

19.1. Dazzler

19.1.1. In Lima the hotel that Ms. Mart will be going to is the Dazzler, Lima as it isnt too posh but still looks very nice and even includes a pool Dazzler Lima Reviews

19.2. Torre Dorado

19.2.1. In Cusco Ms.Mart will be staying at Torre Dorado, as it has very helpfull staff and looks very cozy and modern Torre Dorado

19.3. Casa Killa

19.3.1. In Punta Sal Ms. Mart will be staying at Casa Killa