Information Tools and Application

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Information Tools and Application by Mind Map: Information Tools and Application

1. Introduction of Web 2.0

2. Wikipedia

2.1. open content encyclopedia

2.2. Information Pool

3. Youtube

3.1. active video to share ideas

4. Blog and Websites

4.1. Learn more on how to use blog to spread ideas

4.2. enjoy the updated information

4.3. share ideas as a public plaform

4.4. enjoy the publication of blog with multi-funtion

5. Mindmeister

5.1. Discribe information hieretically

5.2. allow changes between members

6. Online Zoho

6.1. Sharing of documents

6.2. Modifications on different ideas

6.3. Web Conferencing

6.4. Instant messaging and group chat tool

7. delicious

7.1. linkage with specific ideas

7.2. quickier web-link search for users