10 Places Project

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10 Places Project by Mind Map: 10 Places Project

1. Hawaii

1.1. Colorful sands

1.2. beautiful beaches

1.3. Has perfect climate

1.4. Maui, Hawaii

1.5. Want to go snorkeling

2. Italy

2.1. Naples, italy

2.2. want to try there pizza

2.3. experience how greeks build the city in their time

3. New York

3.1. Want to see a fashion show

3.2. go shopping

3.3. visit the statue of liberty

4. Las vegas

4.1. fantastic food place named le monde joel robuchon

4.2. go see the galleries and museums

4.3. go see the shark reef aquarium

5. Toyko

5.1. go on the sky-high one-upmanship

5.2. try their food

5.3. see their car races

6. Paris

6.1. go see the Eiffel tower

6.2. go shopping

6.3. visit their theme parks(walt disney studios park) (Disneyland)

7. Rio

7.1. Go to carnival

7.2. Want see the statue

7.3. wanna experience the parties on the streets

8. Puerto Rico

8.1. San Juan

8.2. Beautiful art to see

8.3. want to visit a beach that glows in a dark

8.4. see plaza de mercado

9. Bora Bora

9.1. want to go parasailing

9.2. learn their culture

9.3. has great sunny weather to enjoy the beaches

10. Bahamas

10.1. Freeport, Bahamas

10.2. great weather

10.3. make the tourist feel good about freeport and give them a good welcome