Ten places

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Ten places by Mind Map: Ten places

1. 3

1.1. new York

1.1.1. 9/11 memorial statue of liberty Visit one of the famous burger places there

2. 4

2.1. Niagara falls

2.1.1. waterfall All the animals The crazy mist that falls of the rocks

3. 5

3.1. mount Rushmore in south dakota

3.1.1. want to see the big faces want to learn about the history how long it took to make it

4. 6

4.1. Kentucky

4.1.1. want to know about the fried chicken Want to see a pie eating contest Want to see the cool attractions over there

5. 7

5.1. alaska

5.1.1. want to see the bears want to see snow want to see the great history over there

6. 8

6.1. florida

6.1.1. want to see the amazing beaches walt disney world amazing weather

7. 9

7.1. washington D.C

7.1.1. white house president cool museuems

8. 10

8.1. whyoming

8.1.1. only been there when I was little seems like a cool place and want to see buffalo

9. 1

9.1. Elvis presely child hood home

9.1.1. He is my favorite singer of all time He is my favorite famous person He is the king of rock n roll

10. 2

10.1. dallas cowboys stadium

10.1.1. The cowboys are my favorite football team I always been wanting to go to the stadium Its in Texas and I Like Texas