10 places I want to visit before I die

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10 places I want to visit before I die by Mind Map: 10 places I want to visit before I die

1. Barcelona

1.1. I've always wanted to visit Barcelona since I was around 9

1.2. Visit the sagrada familia

1.3. La ramblas the most famous street in Barcelona

1.4. Picasso museum

1.5. Modernist park guell by guadi

1.6. Tibidabo hill

2. Fiji

2.1. Visit natadola beach

2.2. Zip line in fiji

2.3. Waterfalls

2.4. fiji museum

3. Hawaii

3.1. Waikiki beach

3.2. Waipio valley

3.3. Haleakala national park

4. France

4.1. Paris

4.1.1. Visit the eiffel tower to see the beautifal scenary from up there

4.1.2. The cathedral of notre dame

4.1.3. To taste the world class dining

4.1.4. louvre

5. Italy

5.1. Italy

5.2. Rome

5.2.1. TO visit the center of renaissance

5.2.2. Visit the Vatican I look at the beautiful architecture

5.2.3. Look at the collesium

6. Rio de Janero

6.1. to see the amazing christ the reeedemer statue

6.2. see the amazing beaches

6.3. Visit the famous Rio de janero carnival

7. Peru

7.1. Moray

7.2. Cordillera Blanca

7.3. Sipan

7.4. Manu national park

8. Morocco

8.1. Marrakesh

8.1.1. Visit the amazing shopping centers

8.1.2. View the amazing arts and paintings they have

8.1.3. See the amazing snake charmers

9. Egypt

9.1. Gizza

9.1.1. Visit the gizza pyramids

9.1.2. See the great sphinx

9.1.3. to see if maybe there was any wonders hidden I might be able to uncover

10. Jordan

10.1. Petra

10.1.1. To visit the Petra buildings cut out of rock

10.1.2. look at the ancient tombs inside the petra architecture

10.1.3. To discover something amazing inside the petra towers