10 Places Project

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10 Places Project by Mind Map: 10 Places Project

1. Tokyo Tower

1.1. Located Minato, Japan

1.2. Second tallest structure in Japan

1.3. Has appeared in many films and anime's, can see Mount Fuji

2. Golden Pavilion

2.1. Located in Kita-ku, Kyoto , Japan

2.2. Beautiful and breathtaking view of the temple

2.3. Has great history of why rebuilt, torched by monk

3. Great Wall of China

3.1. Located in China

3.2. Learn Chinese history

3.3. Great views

4. Mount Fuji

4.1. Is a mountain in Japan

4.2. Climbing the mountain to the top will be a great accomplishment and goal

4.3. Beautiful sunrise and views

5. Lake Ashi

5.1. Located in Hakone, Japan

5.2. Very peaceful and clean

5.3. Nice sights and can view Mount Fuji

6. Big Ben

6.1. Clock tower in London, England

6.2. Third largest clock in the world (interests me)

6.3. From top of the clock tower, can see breathtaking views

7. Niagara Falls

7.1. Located between America and Canada (between the province of Ontario and the state of New York)

7.2. Breath taking views

7.3. Great Hornblower tours and family friendly

8. Li River

8.1. Located in Guilin, China

8.2. Very popular area for cruises

8.3. Has historical man made canal, oldest of its type in the world, interests me

9. Indian Ghost Town

9.1. Located in Bhangarh, Rajasthan

9.2. Scary and provides a different and exciting feeling

9.3. Has great history

10. Cleveland

10.1. Is a city in Ohio

10.2. National park on the edge of the town

10.3. Cedar park amusement park is in Cleveland