New Students Get Involved

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New Students Get Involved by Mind Map: New Students Get Involved

1. Video

1.1. have students say comforting word about the school so that new students can feel at ease

1.2. FHS promotional video

1.2.1. school moto

1.2.2. interview

2. Prints

2.1. FHS promotional flyers

2.2. flyers for school activities

2.3. announcements

2.3.1. test days

2.3.2. senior deadlines

2.3.3. SAT & ACT dates

3. friend get together

4. involve them in clubs and after school program

5. involve them in sport activities

5.1. Soccer

5.1.1. Cross Country Basketball swimming

6. We could take them on a walk around the school so that they get to know the Campus.

7. We could make a Rally so the new students feel loved and that we care about them.

8. We can tell them about the fun activities of the after school program

8.1. Redcat Kitchen

8.1.1. Gaming club Spanish club book club

9. We can take them out to lunch

10. link crew can get involved

11. Invited them to get involved on the school events.

11.1. lip sync battle

11.2. band

11.3. art

11.4. drama

11.5. choir

12. Introduce ourselves

13. Ask them question about themselves to get to know a little bit more about them.

14. We can let them know the rules of the school

14.1. Be within dress code

14.1.1. Be respectful