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10 Places by Mind Map: 10 Places

1. Japan

1.1. My favorite flower, the Cherry Blossom, originates from there.

1.2. Visit Mount Fuji

1.3. Want to see different technology

2. Seoul, South Korea

2.1. Want to visit Time Square Mall

2.2. Try different foods

2.3. Visit the Korean War Memorial

3. Paris, France

3.1. Want to visit Eiffel Tower

3.2. Try a Macaroon over there

3.3. Visit Notre Dame de Paris

4. Venice, Italy

4.1. Architecture

4.2. Want to ride on Canal Boats

4.3. See how the city syncs with water

5. Sydney, Australia

5.1. Want to visit the Sydney Opera House

5.2. Ride a Sydney Ferry

5.3. Go up the Sydney Harbour Bridge

6. Mexicali, Mexico

6.1. See where my dad grew up in

6.2. Learn more on its history

6.3. Get to see my relatives

7. El Salvador

7.1. See where my mom grew up in

7.2. Try out different foods

7.3. Get to see my relatives

8. India

8.1. See the Taj Mahal

8.2. See their culture

8.3. Have the ability to respect their culture

9. Germany

9.1. Visit Anne Frank's House

9.2. See concentration camps

9.3. Try some new snacks

10. Alaska, California

10.1. See snow for the first time

10.2. Experience extremely cold weather

10.3. Become friends with a polar bear